About Us

Workshop History

Hujjat Saturday Workshop began on 9th January 1991 as an offshoot of the Daily Qur’an classes at the Husaini Shia Islamic Centre with 40 students. It has since expanded to over 400 students and runs as a voluntary organisation every Saturday morning.

Structure of Workshop

Key Stages Infants, Juniors and Seniors – Workshop is divided into 3 key stages. Classes are according to UK school years and the new year starts in Autumn.
Lesson Plans A bespoke teaching schedule has been designed for each year group to incorporate all the basic teachings of Islam in the form of building blocks.
Study Materials The resources used have been produced by QFatima.
Weekly Assignments Children in Reception to Year 3 are given assignments for each day of the week which include practicalities and questions on what was taught in that week.
Calendar teaching The occasions of the week to come (wiladat, wafat, importance of the month in progress….) are discussed.
Modular teaching for Senior Workshop Combined with Seminars on the modules taught, Senior Workshop was established to prepare students to maintain their identity beyond the Stanmore walls.


Thoughts from a past student who is now a teacher at Workshop

I started workshop probably around 7 years old as a student. There’s something unique about Saturday Workshop learning and socialising culture – the ‘freedom of thought’ and critical thinking, and freedom to self express and explore but remain within the boundaries. The ability for students to question without being judged, not shutting the student down, teachers allowing and encouraging for organic learning, and supporting the student in that guided learning process.. I guess that’s what’s attracted me to keep returning to workshop – as a student and in ‘share-mode’ capacity (I dare not use ‘teacher’ mode for myself as I find it holds too much of a responsibility). Also providing that safe environment and allowing for students and teachers alike to be themselves, express their identity through dress, akhlaq, etc. the same way in an Islamic learning environment as they would dress and talk and carry themselves in the “outside world”. The idea of being true to yourself but then teachers/sharers guiding students organically on areas to improve/ develop. It’s so valuable and needs to be celebrated more. Workshop pushed social boundaries back then. I remember the summer beach trips we used to have. Wasn’t normal to take group of kids on big outings like that. There was a lot of community flack for it too. But as a student those were huge highlights growing up with Workshop. 20 plus years on, Workshop continues to remain gutsy and courageous to push social norms and remains “innovative” in learning process. Funny because the benchmarks workshop set back then have now become social norms!!

Workshop Timings

10am – 10:20am Assembly
10.20am – 11.00am Qur’an Recitation
11.00am – 11.35am Qur’an Appreciation
11.35am – 12.00pm Break
12.00pm – 1.00pm Cross Curricular
1.05pm Salaa