Current Term


This area is a platform for parents and students to access information relating to the current term, including newsletters, current lesson plans and homework.

Teaching Focus for the current term

Qur’an Appreciation – COMING SOON

Cross-curricular – COMING SOON


 Weekly Assignment/Homework

activities_iconStudents in the Infants section are set homework in the form of weekly assignment, where they are given assignments for each day of the week which include practicalities and questions on what was taught in that week. This helps to reinforce what has been taught in class and provides an opportunity for parents to participate in the learning experience of their children.

Newsletters and current news

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Workshop Timings

10am – 10:20am Assembly
10.20am – 11.00am Qur’an Appreciation lesson
11.00am – 1.00pm Online lesson of 30 to 45 minutes within this time slot.